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The Student Employment Program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale was designed to provide you with part-time employment experience, supplemental income and educational benefits outside the classroom.
Student employment also offers opportunities for you to make contacts with role models in your respective field and to secure employment references.

At SIU Carbondale, a student must seek and secure a job that best fits their schedule and needs. Students are encouraged to maximize all student employment options by following these suggestions:

Student Employment Program

Facts & Information


Student Employment Handbook
*Student employment eligibility requirements
*Enrollment requirements
*Student employee responsibilities
*Maximum work hours/multiple job type restrictions
*Pay structure/payroll calendar/semester dates


Provides U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents access to the Student Employment Work Referral (see below*), Statement of Earnings and more.
*Logon to SalukiNet using your SIUC Dawg Tag
*Search "Student Employment"
*Click "Student Employment Referral"
*Select the semester employment will begin
*Click "Submit"
*Save Student Employment Work Referral for uploading as needed at 

International students obtain a Work Referral at International Students and Scholars Office in Woody Hall, D-Wing, to be scanned for uploading as needed at

Note:  Upload Word documents or PDFs only.  Do NOT upload zip files.