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Student Employment Services is located on the first floor in the Student Services Building.

The Student Employment Program offers a variety of jobs available throughout campus. Students are paid on an hourly basis, usually at the SIU minimum wage rate, and work an average of 10-15 hours per week. Pay is for actual hours worked and benefits do not accrue with this type of employment.

Department FAQs - HireTouch Rollback

For Student Employment only.
We cannot answer for other employment types (GA, RA, etc.).    

Are you accepting (handwritten/paper) hiring documents during the transition?

  • We are currently accepting hiring document packets completed either online or manually. This will continue through the end of the transition period, May 10th.

Where do I get the hiring forms to complete manually?

  • At the Student Employment website,, Hiring Documents, you can print the current acceptable version of each offline hiring document.

The NOA is already approved in HireTouch, can I still complete the hiring process offline?

  • But, the student may have already completed the online hiring documents.  If so, you may want to finish the hiring process by completing all documents online.          

Can I mix online and manually prepared documents to hire a student?

  • Documents in a single hiring packet must be completed either ALL online or ALL manually.

Where do I post a student job opening now?

  • You will be able to post jobs using the online student job form. You should stop posting new jobs using HireTouch.

When will I have to stop using Hiretouch for Student Employment?

  • You should stop posting new jobs using HireTouch immediately but you will have until May 10th to complete spring 2019 hires already in progress.

How do I request pre-employment Background check now?

  • An Authorization for Release of Information (found at must be completed by the applicant. The hiring department must complete the lower section then fax the form to Student Employment at 453-4612 prior to an offer of employment.

What happens to the jobs posted with HireTouch?

  • Jobs posted using HireTouch will not roll to the new posting site. You should begin now reviewing advertisements you have in HireTouch for submission to Submit a Job.


2018 SIU Carbondale Student Employee of the Year

2018 SEOTY Cloe

Jensen Cloe

Nominated by the Recreational Sports and Services

Jensen Cloe, a senior majoring in Physiology, with minors in Chemistry and Neuroscience, is the 2018 SIU Carbondale Student Employee of the Year.  Jensen was nominated by Recreational Sports and Services where she serves as Student Facilities Manager and Competitive Sports Supervisor.  She excels in assisting University and community patrons, managing intramural and sports club events and overseeing a wide-range of services within the 214,000 square feet recreation and sports complex.  Jensen is a founding member of the department’s Student Employee Advisory Committee and was selected to address SIU alumni and Friends of the University at the 40th anniversary celebration of the Student Recreation Center.