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The Student Employment Program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale was designed to provide you with part-time employment experience, supplemental income and educational benefits outside the classroom. Student employment also offers opportunities for you to make contacts with role models in your respective field and to secure employment references.

The Student Employment Handbook will explain student employment eligibility requirements, enrollment requirements, student employee responsibilities, maximum work hours and multiple job type restrictions, pay structure, and employer responsibilities.

The Campus Map link will help you locate buildings that facilitate student employment processes, such as: Miles Hall (Payroll) and the Northwest (NW) Annex, in addition to the departments on campus that post student jobs.

The Employment Semester Dates / Payroll Calendar will let you know when semesters begin and end for student employment, and when you can expect to be paid given the payroll period dates in which you worked.

The SalukiNet link will guide U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents to the Student Employment Referral and to your Statement of Earnings once you start earning a paycheck.

Note: International students can obtain a Student Employment Referral at International Students and Scholars Office located in the NW Annex B Wing.