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Posting Student Job Openings

Complete the online student jobs form to submit your departments posting request to Student Employment Services. For best results please use either Google Chrome or Firefox browsers (Internet Explorer has a tendency to interfere with some job submissions).  Job openings are divided into three categories:

If you select Federal or Non-Federal Work Study, you must make clear to the student that your Federal Work Study funds may be limited and switch to another funding source at some point.

Once Student Employment Services has approved the job posting, a job posting number will be assigned. This will be displayed in the top right corner of your posting. Please use this number when referencing your post.


In compliance with the Illinois Campus Security Act, security-sensitive SIUC student employment positions have been identified as:

  1. Positions which involve working with minors or individuals with diminished mental capacity.
  2. Positions which involve providing for the safety of students, faculty, and staff.
  3. Positions having regular access to controlled substances.
  4. Positions which provide significant overall responsibility, defined at $50,000 or more per day, for the control of University financial resources.

If your department needs to create a new student employment position that meets the requirements of security-sensitive, please contact Student Employment Services. Student Employment Services, in conjunction with Human Resources, will determine if a pre-employment background investigation would be required for the position.

Whenever a Security-Sensitive position is marked, the following statement will populate on your posting: "This is a security-sensitive position. Before any offer of employment is made, the university will conduct a pre-employment background investigation, which includes a criminal background check."

Note: Before the offer of employment is made for a security-sensitive position, the employing department will need to have the student complete the Authorization to Release Information (e-Form). On this form, the student authorizes the release of information for a  background investigation.  The employing department will then provide the document to Student Employment Services to process the request.